Sunday, July 5, 2009

Caked Candles Mix
Michael Nyman- A Watery Death
Daniel Stevens Crafts- The Human Condition
Jason Lescalleet- Untitled (Matresslessness)
Moniek Darge- Rain
Lionel Marchetti (& children)- Dracula
LaDonna Smith- Atmospheric Debris or Saturated Soundcheck
Lionel Marchetti- Yiti Monstre
Kim Cascone- VortexShedding (Simplex)
Morten Zeuthen- Rosing- Schow- Siciliana
Claude Debussy- Nocturnes 3. Sirenes
Doof- Brighton Pt. 2

TV Mystic Mix
Book Of Am- The Cauldron of Regeneration
The Family Of Apostolic- Old Grey House
Death In June- God's Golden Sperm
Current 93- So: This Empire is Nothing
Texas Gladden-The Devil's Nine Questions
David Blair- Antichrist
David Ackles- Midnight Carousel
Shadow Ring- The Way Of The World
Book Of Am- Come Unto Me
Incredible String Band- Down By The Greenwood
Dave Bixby- 666
John Cale- Chinese Envoy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Operatic World of Rita Gorr
1. Ortrud's Aria (Act II)- "Lohengrin" (Wagner)
2. Isolde's Liebestod (Act III)- "Tristan and Isolde" (Wagner)
3. Des Cris Joyeux (Act III)- "Werther"- Blau, Milliet & Hartmann- Massenet
4. O don Fatale (Act III)- "Don Carlo"- Verdi
5. Il Travatore (Act II)- "Cammarano"- Verdi

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leon Kirchner- Trio For Violin. Cello and Piano
(Twentieth Century Composer Series Press)
Sprawling Rhythm, Perpetual Variation, Harmonic Fragmentation

Alex deGrassi- Slow Circle
Side B
Slow Circle II
White Rain
March Sky
Midwestern Snow

B Side only upload from this dollar bin dream weaver. 
"Impressionist Guitar, Chordal Twists, Elegant Juxtaposition"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Subtle The Sum- Goldmund
Very Well Drawn- Soccer Committee and Machinefabriek
Sawako Sun (Sawako Remix)- Tomasz Bednarczyk 
The Blue Notebooks- Max Richter
Inner Struggle- Rick Crane
Letzte Tage- Letzte Nachte- Popol Vuh
Andy Warhol is Dead But...- Kid606
We've All Gone To Sleep- Grouper
Oraison- Olivier Messiaen
Einsam Wachend In Der Nacht- Wagner
Divers- Graham Lambkin
Melancholia- William Basinski
Avaol- Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1. Primo Quadro da Della Conoscenza- Luciano Cilio 
2. The Paisley Windowpane- Wendy & Bonnie 
3. Sleeper Under A Tree- The Birdtree 
4. You Are My Love (Spaceverb Version)- The Free Design 
5. In Un Sogno Il Sogno- Ennio Morricone 
6. Laura- Derek Bailey 
7. She- C.C. 
8. Velvet Sunsets- Music Emporium 
9. By the Sea- Wendy & Bonnie 
10. Forever Loves Decay- Death In June 
11. Caress- Aki Onda 
12. Dormant Love- Charalambides 
13. Nothing at All- Arian Sample